Use of Platform

Asteria is  providing online consultations using video conference/voice calling/offline consulting (E-MAIL) (“Tele-Consultation”) through its website/skype /phone/whatsapp. The following terms and conditions govern all the transactions with respect to tele-consultations including appointment booking and refund and all other transactions through the website. Tele Consultation services available on the Website do not in any way constitute an invitation or recommendation to avail the tele-consultation Services. The services provided through the Website are not intended in any ways to be a substitute for face to face consultation with a doctor. Asteria advices the users to make independent assessment in respect of its accuracy or usefulness and suitability prior to making any decision in reliance hereof.

Terms ‘you’ and ‘your’ hereafter refers to the user both registered and unregistered who is using/browsing through the Asteria website and/or partner websites and/or availing any of the services from Asteria.

Availability, Appointment, Rescheduling, Free review and/or Cancellation:
  • Tele-consultations shall be available for Multi Specialties.
  • Tele-consultation from a specific doctor/physician shall be available subject to his/her availability/willingness/discretion. Confirmation of your appointment with a specific doctor/physician, as per his/her availability, shall be sent to you via SMS and/or email. Asteria reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an appointment without any prior notice.
  • The time provided for consultation to you is indicative and actual consultation time may change depending on the consulting Doctor’s discretion.
  • Your consulted Doctor reserves the right to provide Post consultation free review.
  • Consultations can be booked, rescheduled or cancelled only within the stipulate time limits mentioned below.
  • Voice consultation not available for international patients.
  • You may cancel a previously booked appointment at any time.
  • Cancellation within 72 hours of the actual booked appointment will be charged to the full and will be completely non-refundable.
  • Cancellation prior to 72 hours of the actual booked appointment will be credited back within 3 business days. It may take additional 7-15 working days for the amount to reflect in your account depending on your service provider.
Availability of Services

Our Services may be interrupted, including for maintenance, repairs, upgrades, updates or network or equipment failures. We may discontinue some or all of our services, including certain features and the support for certain devices and platforms, at any time. Events beyond our control may affect our services, including but not limited to natural events and other force majeure events.


At Asteria, we work hard to protect us and our users, from unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of information we hold. In particular:

  • We may encrypt some of our services.
  • We review our information collection, storage and processing practices, to guard against unauthorized access to systems.
  • We restrict access to personal information to our employees, contractors and agents who need to know that information in order to process it for us, and who are subject to strict confidentiality obligations and may be disciplined or terminated if they fail to meet these obligations.

We regularly review our compliance with our Privacy Policy. When we receive formal written complaints, we will contact the person who made the complaint to follow up. We will make reasonable efforts to notify you of the nature and extent of disclosure as soon as reasonably possible and as permitted by law in case of security breach.

Any information that you may reveal in a review posting or online discussion or forum is public.

Consent to Participate in Tele-medicine Consultation

You consent to, agree to and understand the following with regards to usage of our website to participate in a tele-medicine / video consultation:

  • Video conferencing technology will be used to affect consultation and this consultation will not be the same as a direct patient/healthcare provider visit due to the fact that user will not be in the same room as healthcare provider.
  • There are potential risks to this technology, including interruptions, unauthorized access and technical difficulties.
  • Healthcare provider or user can discontinue the tele-medicine consult/visit if it is felt that the videoconferencing connection is not adequate for the situation.
  • User healthcare information may be shared with other individuals for scheduling and billing purposes.
  • Others may be present during the consultation other than healthcare provider in order to enable them to provide effective services. All such personnel will maintain confidentiality of the information obtained

Our site allows participating Licensed Healthcare Providers to communicate with patients (“Patients”) to provide healthcare services online and perform virtual house calls via Video Call (the “Services”). We are not a medical service provider, health insurance company, or licensed to sell health insurance.

To the extent medical advice and/or diagnosis provided to you by Online Healthcare Provider through the Services, such medical advice and/or diagnosis is based on your personal health data, information and symptoms as provided by you to the Healthcare provider at the time of your video call. The medical advice provided by your healthcare provider is not under any control of the company, nor is it provided to or used by the company in any form.

Company does endorse or recommend or imply recommendation in any manner or form any Healthcare Provider, Health advice, test, procedure, opinion or any other information that may be mentioned on our Site. You understand and agree that prescriptions if provided by Online Healthcare Provider are limited in type and duration, and you agree not to use Company to request prescriptions for any medications or for any duration not permitted by law in any manner or form.

No warranties

The Company does not warrant that our services will be operational, error free, secure, or safe, or that our services will function without disruptions, delays, or imperfections. The Company does not control, and is not responsible for, controlling how or when our users use our services or the features, services, and interfaces our services provide. The Company is not responsible for and is not obligated to control the actions or information (including content) of our users or other third parties.


In order to prevent, detect or suppress financial abuse, fraud, criminal activity, protect our assets and interests, assist us with any internal or external investigation into potentially illegal or suspicious activity or manage, defend or settle any actual or potential loss in connection with the foregoing, we may collect from, use and disclose your Information to any person or organization, fraud prevention agency, regulatory or government body, the operator of any database or registry used to check information provided against existing information, or other insurance companies or financial or lending institutions. For these purposes, your Information may be pooled with data belonging to other individuals and subject to data analytics.

Information and Documents required:
  • You are solely responsible for the medical, health and personal information you provide in Asteria. The advice of the doctor will depend upon the information you provide in Asteria.
  • User discretion is advised while submitting/uploading your required personal and clinical information on the specified place and selecting the Doctor for seeking appropriate advice related to condition of the patient. This information shall include patient’s details including contact details, medical history, testing/investigations results/reports, prescriptions, card holder name and other relevant details
  • Asteria services are available for use for children, but the Registered Member for all patients under the age of 18 must be the patient’s parent or legal guardian. If you register as the parent or legal guardian on behalf of a minor, you will be fully responsible for complying with these Terms of Use
  • If the information provided by you is false/deceptive/inaccurate or misleading, Astetia reserves the right to cancel your appointment without assuming any liability whatsoever. Hence, it’s advised to submit/upload all relevant and accurate information on the portal
  • The information provided by you may be used by for the purpose of services including analysis, research, training and disclosure (where required) to its affiliates, agents and government authorities
  • The information provided by you can be kept with Asteria indefinitely and can be used without revealing your identity
Electronic Payments/ Refunds :
  • Asteria offers online mode of payment. You may use internet banking or debit/credit card for making payment for consultation charges. You shall be directed to our trusted payment gateway partners once you proceed to make payment of Service Fees
  • Asteria  shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever, if incorrect or inaccurate credit / debit card details are provided by you for making the payment of consultation Fees or you use a credit/ debit card which is not lawfully owned by you or if you permit a third party to use your password or other means to access your account
  • Asteria shall keep the aforesaid information confidential at all times and shall not utilize and share the same with any of the third parties unless is an authorized third party website and / or required by law regulation or court order
  • Refunds may be made in case a request is raised by the user by clicking the cancel button in the user dashboard in Asteria website within the stipulated deadline mentioned in the cancellation table above
  • Refunds will only be made against genuine and trackable cancellation requests generated by you by clicking on the cancellation button provided in the Asteria user dashboard in your Asteria website. Refund request against delays, nature of advice obtained, efficacy of treatment, health outcomes of consultation will not be entertained
  • All communications with regards to refund should be sent to
  • You have the option to reschedule or cancel a booked Specialist appointment, strictly within the stipulated deadlines as mentioned in the cancellations table above
  • Asteria reserves the right to modify / implement a new pricing structure at any time prior to billing you for your initial payment or for future payments
  • You agree and undertake to indemnify and keep indemnified Asteria,the concerned doctor/physician and Asteria for any losses, costs, charges and expenses including reasonable attorney fees that the concerned doctor/physician and Asteria may suffer on account of (a)misdiagnosis / faulty judgment /interpretation errors / perception error arising from (i)your failure to provide correct and / or complete clinical information / history about the patient in timely and clinically appropriate manner; or (ii)suppression of material facts; or your failure to provide relevant clinical information about the patient; or (iv) misinterpretation of the advice / prescription / diagnosis by you; or (v) failure to follow doctor’s advice / prescription by you; or (b) incorrect or inaccurate credit / debit card details provided by you; or (c) using a credit / debit card which is not lawfully owned by you; or (d) if you permit a third party to use your password or other means to access your account
Limitations of liability :

In no event shall Asteria be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever including without limitations, damages for loss of use, data or profits, arising out of or in any way connected with the use of Asteria services

  • This arrangement may be terminated by either party at any time, with or without cause.
  • Asteria reserves  the right to refuse the use of services immediately in case your conduct is deemed by Asteria  to be in contravention of applicable acts, laws, rules and regulations or considered to be unethical / immoral
Modification of terms and conditions of service:
  • Asteria may at any time, without any prior notification to you, modify these terms of conditions
  • Please review the latest version of the terms and conditions before proceeding to avail the service
  • If you continue to use the service, it shall be deemed that you agree and abide by the modified terms and conditions
General Terms and Conditions:
  • This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Bangladesh and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Dhaka.
  • Asteria makes no representation that the services are appropriate for patients in any other location except Bangladesh  as Asteria operates and controls this websites from Bangladesh
  • If any part of the agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law then the said provision will be superseded by a valid, enforceable provision and the remainder of the agreement shall continue in effect
  • You acknowledge that the relationship created through your use of this website shall be of principal to principal. You shall not represent yourself as a representative agent or employee of Asteria
  • You represent and warrant that you’re not a minor (i.e., you are above 18 years of age) and that you are competent and eligible to enter into legally binding agreement

The terms and condition herein form an agreement. Please read this agreement carefully and if you are not agreeable to any terms and condition please do not proceed further. By clicking on “I Agree” and proceeding further you signify that you read through, understood and accepted aforementioned terms and conditions of use of service. You must agree to the above terms and conditions in order to avail the services through the website. If you have any queries or need any clarification or assistance please contact us at

Informed disclaimer:
  1. I acknowledge and certify that I have read in the language I know and understood by me /it has been explained to me in the language I know and understood by me and I have clearly understood the contents of the information material provided along with this data form and the contents of this data form.
  2. I confirm that I have provided accurate details of my medical history/medication if any/allergies and furnished all my medical records. I understand that me or my nominee or a data analysis shall upload my medical information as provided by me to “Asteria”. I understand that Asteria will not be liable in any manner whatsoever for consequences arising out of incorrect/ incomplete information provided.
  3. I confirm that it is my discretion to either receive/ decline/ or modify “Asteria” recommendations in consultation with my treating physician.
  4. I understand that Asteria /treating Physicians assume no liability or responsibility for the propriety, accuracy, or the completeness of content of Asteria”.
  5. I understand that my medical information and medical records will be stored on “Asteria website” platform for treatment suggestions. I understand that Asteria, its doctors and staff shall in no way be held responsible in case of any consequences arising from the sharing of such data.
  6. I acknowledge that no guarantee or assurance has been made to me regarding the success of treatment plans suggested by Asteria or any of its doctors.